Why You Should Take An Active Vacation

We all love taking time off, and when that time is spent on a vacation in an exciting location, that’s all the better!  Vacations may seem indulgent at times, but they’re an important part of a healthy work / life balance. Taking time off not only reinvigorates you, the time away can grant you new perspectives or a “fresh set of eyes” on your work when you return.

However, what we’re advocating for isn’t just lazy days by the pool. Being outdoors while on vacation can be healthy and invigorating, it can also bring new and exciting experiences that can stimulate the mind and lift your emotions. 

Everyone’s interests and activity levels are different, so when you’re planning your next get-away, think about the activities that you love, or the ones that you’d love to try, and make it work for your lifestyle.

Taking it easy – you don’t have to “go hard” to get active. Even just taking the time to walk around local shopping areas or points of interest can keep you fit. Take advantage of local golf course or swimming pools for enjoyable workouts that won’t wear you out.

Stepping it up – if you’re looking to get off the beaten path, then there’s plenty of more “up-temp” activities you could look into. A hike on designated trails could bring you to some exciting locations with amazing views. Biking allows you to go further afield than just walking would, and kayaking, if it’s in your area, is an awesome way to explore.

Living to the max – finally, if its adventure you crave then there’s a host of more extreme activities that can challenge you. Try rock climbing out west, scuba diving amid tropical reefs, or surf the waves off the coast. These activities will ask more of you (and cost a little more) but there’s no better way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Looking for ideas on how to start? Review the advice of this New York Times article and start thinking about how your next vacation can actively empower your mind, body and soul.


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Max’s patented RiboCeine™ technology promotes the natural production of Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. Discover what enhanced Glutathione can do for you.

Why does bioavailability matter?

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Most Supplements Lack Absorption

The truth is, we can’t just take Glutathione over the counter and effectively absorb it. Most supplements lack what is known as “bioavailability”, which is the ability to be absorbed by the body on a cellular level. The active ingredients in most supplements are expelled from the body without any benefit to you, which is a waste of time and money.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.