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Getting your day started the right way goes a long way towards helping the rest of your day be productive and less stressful. Even if you had a bad night (perhaps, ESPECIALLY after you’ve had a bad night) making a habit of these routines will help give you more consistently good days for better health and wellness.

Wake up your body

We showed you in an earlier update about how to start the day right with stretches, that’s a perfect way to limber up your muscles and get your blood flowing. Whether it’s a full yoga session or simple toe stretches, everyone should do some morning stretching to avoid cramps and reduce tightness.

Freshen Up

Good hygiene means good skin care, and healthy skin goes a long way towards helping you feel great.  Be careful about indulging in long, hot showers though.  Too much hot water strips your body of essential oils. If you clean yourself at night, start your day with a simple face wash.  When you do take a morning shower, start with cool water to help you wake up, and then keep it warm (not hot!). 

Take some “me” time 

For some of us, time is a precious commodity.  With kids, and work and chores, as soon as the alarm goes off we’re constantly on the move.  Make it a habit of giving yourself at least 10 minutes of peace and contemplation.  Maybe it’s planning out your day right after you eat breakfast, maybe a grateful prayer and breathing exercise before you get out of bed. Getting your thoughts in a good place is key to good mental wellness. 

Tame Your Technology Habits

Technology is such a big part of our lives now, many of us are always on the phone and computer.  Resist that urge to jump right into your emails or checking your favorite feeds. Take care of all of these previous points first before you even start thinking about jumping online. 

Feed Your Body Right

First, drink water in the morning!  You just spent anywhere from 6 – 9 hours without water and your body is starting to get a little dehydrated.  You could always add a little MaxN-Fuze for added nutritional goodness.

Second, take your supplements.  It’s a perfect time to make it a daily habit before you eat. Empowering your body’s reserves of glutathione with Cellgevity, MaxOne or MaxGXL will keep you going strong all day. 

Third, eat a breakfast that’s fit for your lifestyle.  Maybe it’s your biggest meal of the day, or perhaps it’s a quick bite just to hold you over to lunch – but it should be something.  It should also not be overly sugary (sorry, that means you doughnuts!).

Overall, while you want to keep to a steady routine in the morning, don’t be afraid to be flexible.  Some mornings you will be too busy to stretch, other times you might even need to skip breakfast.  That’s ok, just take care next time to get back on track and make these moments of self-care worthwhile. 


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